5 Places to Visit for a Family Vacation in France

Everyone that has ever been to France will agree that life there is about living to the fullest and enjoying the beauty of the city. There is just so much to do, and sometimes you may have a difficult time choosing the best destination because there are way too many cool places to visit in France. Whether it is architecture, art, fashion, arguably world’s best cuisine, structures or nature, you will have multiple choices to guarantee you a good time, and a travel agency like Opodo in whatever you settle for. The following are the five best family vacation destinations in France;


Paris is one of the famous tourist destinations in the world, and it’s well-known for culture, art, and history. There is too much to see in Paris and a guarantee of a fun family vacation especially when you make use trip experts like Opodo. From top attractions to museums and art galleries, it is one of the places you are guaranteed a good time. The Louvre museum, for instance, is one of the most famous art galleries in the world with masterpiece collections from all over the world. There are many art galleries, so the choice is yours on which to take a tour with your family. Any visit to Paris should be fun and enjoyable because of the variety of activities available.


Lyon is an excellent destination for many tourists, and one of its famous attractions is the Place des Terreaux. It is a rectangular pedestrian square, and nearby is stores, restaurants, and cafes where you can hang out with your family relax on a chilly evening. It provides the ultimate relaxation experience. In Lyon, there is also, ‘The Park of the Golden Head’ which is a huge park and houses many recreational activities to keep your family catered for. There is a lake, a small zoo and three rose gardens among others.


There are many top attractions in Strasbourg and wherever you decide to visit depends on your interests. Some of the best destinations include the Alsatian Museum which is mainly viewed as an act of defiance in France. It makes an excellent place to visit and see some top attractions. There is also the Place Gutenberg which is well known for its Christmas market during the winter. Another spectacular destination is the museum of modern and contemporary art which unlike other museums it is more modern and more relatable as well to make it an incredible family holiday destination.


There are a few things to do in Corsica to keep your trip as enjoyable as possible. There are some historical sites as well as cultural attractions to keep you entertained throughout. First, there is the Pisgah Presbyterian Church which is quite amazing and an excellent place to visit as a family. Mt. Pleasant Baptist church is also a fantastic destination to keep your stay worth remembering.


Marseille makes a remarkable destination for anyone visiting France, and one of the outstanding areas here is the old port which is the heart and soul of the city. You can go for boat riding as well as take time to enjoy some well-cooked food. Another place to visit is Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde which is a Catholic church built to perfection in a way. It sits at the city’s highest location, and it is a structure you can hardly miss.

Every trip should be fun and worth remembering. However, sometimes the choices we make end up costing our holidays so it is probably wise to take time in going through a list of the top places that you should prioritize before starting your journey and with the help of a great travelling agency such as https://www.opodo-saga.com/, the trip gets even better.