7 Points To Note While Immigrating To Australia

Moving to a different country is a life-changing experience, undoubtedly. And more so, when you plan to immigrate to a country as culturally integrated as Australia. A country with thousands of beaches and over 18,000 miles of coastline, Australia has many waterfront activities to offer like – swimming, pearling, fishing, marine biology, just to name a few.

While most of us have heard about what a welcoming country it is, with people who are equally friendly and social, rich flora and fauna that certainly improves health in many ways, mouthwatering delicacies from around the world, and a lot of praiseworthy things, there is a lot more to this land of kangaroos that you must know about.

Moreover, it usually takes few weeks to a few months for the visa to be processed. Which means you need to start planning way ahead. To make sure that the formalities are hassle-free, you can always seek help from the experts at Musafir.com for Australia visa as well as the air tickets. Having expertise by your side will make the process smoother, while you keep checking on things that you would do and places that you will visit when you move there.

So before you check out Australia visa forms and formalities, let’s get to know few noteworthy points while immigrating to Australia.

  • Quality of life: If you are someone who likes to go by statistics, then the Australian numbers as per the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) will not disappoint you. Australia ranks better than most countries in many aspects like the net adjusted disposable income per capita is way higher than OCED average, and that over 72% people, falling in the age bracket of 15-64 have a well-paid job. Moreover, Australians work for around 1,728 hours a year, less than many countries, which means they are left with enough time to enjoy their personal and family life. The air and water quality too are above average. It is therefore not surprising that many immigrants have already become Australian citizens or look forward to it.
  • Healthcare system: Australian government’s health care system, Medicare, is a wide system that provides payments and services that can help you in case of a medical crisis. The best way to get it is by visiting their office with your travel documents and passport upon arriving in Australia. There are many private health care providers too, that can be considered to match your budget and requirements.
  • Moving with your pets: Nobody wants to leave behind their pets when moving to a different country. Fortunately, Australia is quite welcoming towards pets, although few places do have a clear sign of ‘pets not allowed’ so you would know where all to take them. If your canine is healthy, you can expect to meet them within two weeks of their arrival. With a bit of planning to make sure your pet is comfortable in a kennel and without you for a few days, and some paperwork, you can live an amazing outdoor life in Australia with your furry friend.
  • Places to live + setting up utilities: While setting up in a serviced apartment makes sense upon arrival, you can start looking for a permanent accommodation keeping in mind the things like – access to public transport, department stores, schools, hospitals, etc., proximity to your workplace, and the reputation of the area. While renting a property, try to get a few of your past rental references to speed up the process. As the visa takes time to process, you can look up to connect utilities that one may usually need, like – water, energy, internet connection, etc. You can also consult service providers who can take care of everything for you upon your arrival. Better still, look for accommodation options that have pre-fixed utilities so that all you need to do is move in with your luggage and unpack.
  • Driving in Australia: Just like in India, Australians drive on the left side. This makes it easier to drive around there once you have your own vehicle. In case you do not have an overseas driver’s license, you will have to obtain an Australian State driver’s license. The public transport network there is reliable, widespread and affordable, which can be considered without a blink, if you do not wish to drive there.
  • Food in Australia: A meat lover’s paradise, in 2015 Australia jumped to the top for being the largest meat consumer country in the entire world. Australians consume more kilograms of meat per person than other country. While beef is the most popular meat found there, chicken is not far behind. It is known that Australians, per person per year, consume almost 90 pounds of chicken. Have we not heard about the famous Australian barbeque after all!

Also, being home to thousands of people from almost every part of the world, Australia enjoys multiple culinary traditions too. There are many authentic restaurants dedicated to a cuisine and run by people from a particular region of the world. This is along with getting to enjoy food prepared by the renowned chefs hailing from Australia. The country grows some of the most exotic food in abundance, and also gets fresh poultry and seafood given its vast coastline.

  • Australian art and culture: For a country with a small population, Australia has a wealth of visual and performing arts, some of which are even a part of the educational curriculum in schools. There are many public galleries, museums, theatres, art festivals, and the famous opera house, that has been acclaimed locally and globally. There is never a dull day in Australia!

The education system in Australia is par excellence. Australia not only provides a plethora of options for the young generation, but lays equal emphasis on enriching the lives of the elderly and the children. There’s not any reason left here why you should not look over Australia visa formalities right away. Moreover, there are many flights flying in and out of many places in Australia, to and from many places in India, having affordable air tickets, making it all the more convenient.