All You Need to Know About Adventure Tours in Grand Cayman


The Cayman Islands are abode to a flourishing international culture that exists along with native tradition. Travelers undertake adventure tours in Grand Cayman to explore the landmarks and various other renowned hotspots of the islands. However, there is more to Grand Cayman than the mere exploration of popular tourist places.

Here is everything that you need to know before planning your Cayman Tour:

  • A Paradise for Scuba Divers: Grand Cayman is known for its plethora of dive sites. It has dive sites for divers of almost all skill levels. For instance, divers who prefer shallow water, there is Stingray City and those who adore deep diving, Babylon is there to fulfill their wish.


  • A Whole Week of Pirates: If you are planning to visit Cayman in November, then make sure to confirm the dates of the Pirates’ Week. It is a widely celebrated event on the islands that boasts of parades, fishing tournaments, a skit on pirate invasion from the sea and various such thrilling activities.


  • Walk on the Seven Mile Beach: Visiting this beach is one of the essential things to do in the Cayman Islands. For many years now, Seven Mile Beach has been praised as one of the best beaches. Crescent-shaped shore, coral sand, casual beach bars, restaurants, resorts and calm waves are some of the factors that make this beach a preferred choice of many who visit Cayman.


  • See underwater life live without getting wet – The Submarine tour: If you do not like swimming or diving, but still love to watch underwater life in the Cayman Islands, submarine tour in Grand Cayman Island during the day or night is a great choice. Even your children as young a four years can have this safe adventure, which they will remember for rest of their life.
  • The Green Mastic Trail: If you are a nature lover and wondering what to do in Cayman Islands, then you should add Mastic Trail to your list. It is a 200-year old gravel path that winds through a woodland area enveloped in some of the most colorful and rare floral life.


  • Snorkeling Hub: It is one of the most popular activities to be undertaken on adventure tours in Grand Cayman. Snorkeling is indeed a great way to rejoice the Grand Cayman marine life which avowals coral reefs, sea walls, and a number of shipwrecks.

  • Haven of Rum Admirers: Travelers on the Grand Cayman Tours visit the island’s only rum distillery to understand the process of rum distillation and taste few of its varieties. Once they are mesmerized by the taste and aroma of the rum, they continue to the local brewery to learn about the brewing process and taste few of the different varieties of beer.
  • Go to Hell: Don’t be shocked for Hell at the Cayman Islands refers to a wide open space packed with black limestone. ‘Going to Hell’ is, in fact, one of the best things to do in Grand Cayman. Though it’s not possible for anyone to walk on them but there are two platforms where one can stand and take a panoramic view of the Hell.

Wrapping Up

Surrounded by the Cerulean Sea boasting of enthralling marine life, Cayman Islands offers an opportunity to rejoice a myriad of adventurous activities to their travelers. And if all these activities of Cayman Tour wear you out, ensure to end your day on a Catamaran dinner cruise with the beautiful view of the sun dipping below the horizon.