Benefits Of A London Serviced Apartment

When visiting London, many people choose to stay in one of the wide choice of hotels available in the city. There are some excellent hotels with world-famous names such as the Grosvenor House, the London Hilton, the Dorchester, the Ritz, the Savoy, and more, many of them having been open for over 100 years. There is no doubt that they are luxurious, and there is equally no doubt that they are expensive.

However, the main problem with hotels – however luxurious they may be – is that after a few days everything starts to become monotonous. If you are staying for a few weeks you get to know what is on the menu for dinner tonight because it’s Wednesday. The other big problem is if you are here on business and want to hold meetings with customers. You can’t really do that in a hotel bedroom, and you can’t do it in the bar either.

Many people today find that the answer is a London serviced apartment. You can actually find serviced apartments right in the centre of London with all the facilities of a hotel with the exception that there is no bar or restaurant. That really doesn’t matter because the West End of London is famous for its bars, restaurants, and night clubs, so if you want to eat out you have plenty of choice.

With a serviced apartment you get all the comforts of home and you will find that, without exception, these apartments are luxuriously furnished so you can invite customers to meetings in your reception room without any problem. Although the facilities provided vary, you will find that most apartments have high speed broadband, so it is easy to keep in touch with home, and they will have the latest TV’s with a wide choice of programmes so that you can relax and enjoy some entertainment in the evenings.

There should be a full maid service so that you don’t have to make your bed in the morning or do any cleaning so that’s the same as a hotel. You can bring in whatever you want to drink, and that on its’ own will save you a considerable amount of money over a hotel as the prices in hotel bars are nothing short of eye-watering.

Many serviced apartments have a music system so that you can listen to your favourite music and some have an iPod/iPad dock as well. Some have a security guard service, and we know of some with a fully fitted safe that has your own security code so that you can ensure your valuables are protected.

The biggest advantage of a serviced apartment is that it becomes your own home for the duration of your stay, rather than being locked in a hotel bedroom.