Four Amazing Things to Do while in Bromont

When in Bromont, you would want to let go and just enjoy every moment here. Aside from staying in a good hotel in town, you want to make sure you get yourself involved in as many unique activities as possible. Before you finalise or travel and go to Bromont, make sure you know what exactly you will do there. The many offers the town makes Tourisme Bromont a thriving sector. Below are some ideas to keep yourself excited and energetic while in Bromont:

Consider Horse-Back Riding

If you expect to arrive into the family packages of your Bromont hotel, horse-back riding can be one of the activities you want to plan on trying. Spend time at a small trot to big stride with this rare outdoor activity. You can use the activity as an opportunity to share the moment with your friends or family. It is a great way to enjoy the beautiful nature of Bromont.

Enjoy a Moment of Relaxation through a Spa Getaway

The town of Bromont offers the opportunity to have a relaxing time at its famous spas including Amérispa Château-Bromont and Balnea Spa. A spa is where you can enjoy a moment of peace and quiet. L’Amérispa is situated at the Hôtel Château-Bromont and lets you enjoy a moment without any worry. Take advantage of their relaxation packages to get a relaxing massage or thermal experience. Meanwhile, the Balnea Spa offers a spa getaway where you can rediscover the nature in both summer and winter and enjoy their facilities.

Explore Bromont Trails

Bromont is home to a lot of trails which let you practice hiking and snowshoeing. A little over 100 kilometer awaits you to discover nature’s most amazing spot or just free your mind from everyday stress.  While Bromont is already a spot for all types of cycling, it can now add fat biking to its activities on offer.

Enjoy Shopping and Exploring

Bromont’s Factoreries Tanger outlets let you benefit from their promotions and fantastic decor that has a mountain in the background. You will surely find what you want here while you enjoy lots of savings. In fact, you can choose a booklet full of discounts free of charge that you can use at the Factoreries. Moreover, the artisanal knowledge of the town will impress you. l’Apothicaire offers original gift ideas as you peruse bath products, teas, and new scents. Also, you can find antique furniture at La Belle Vieillerie. If you want to discover great restaurants, art galleries, and shops, head to the beautiful old village.