How To Prepare For An Awesome Hiking Trip

If you like your holidays to be more about exploring the beauty of nature and pushing yourself physically than lazing around on a beach for days, a hiking trip will definitely be right up your alley. They’re the ideal way to get away from the busywork of everyday life, even if just for a day or two. If you’re relatively new to hiking and want to start it up as a hobby or head out on holiday with some hiking trips worked into the itinerary, make sure you’re fully prepared with these hike readiness tips.

Get the right gear.

You won’t want to hike in your regular old running shoes, jeans, and a heavy backpack. You’ll need clothing and accessories that are well suited to trekking in more difficult terrain. Fortunately, you can head to your local camping store brisbane to get everything you need for the trip. You’ll need specialist hiking boots that fit perfectly, clothing that’s easy to layer so you can get comfortable in varying temperatures, and a breathable waterproof jacket to keep you dry and warm. When it comes to carrying all the supplies you’ll require for the hike, choose a lightweight backpack that’s designed to be compact while holding onto everything you need.

Work on your fitness.

It’s important to assess your current level of fitness before you plan a major hike. If you’re intending to walk a substantial distance or hike through difficult terrain, you will need a certain amount of strength and endurance. The best way to build this strength is with a mixed routine of cardio and strength training that focuses on lower body strength. Strong leg muscles and a healthy heart are essential for safe hiking, so check your fitness and go to your doctor for the all-clear before you make any big plans.

Build up your endurance.

If you’ve scheduled a holiday with some serious hiking treks included, you can prepare by planning shorter hikes in the meantime that gradually build up to the length you’re planning to walk. Use a GPS tracker or fitness watch to keep an eye on your distance and steps and then continue to build up your endurance by extending the amount of time you spend on each hike. Don’t forget to bring your backpack along so you get used to holding that weight on your back.

Pack smart snacks.

The snacks you choose for your hiking trip could play a major role in how easy you find the journey, as well as how much energy you have to work with. Choose light snacks that are easy to pack but offer plenty of energy and a good balance of quick-release carbohydrates and energy-boosting protein. Some healthy fats in the form of nut butter or seed bars can also help sustain your energy and satiety levels while you walk.

Don’t’ go it alone.

Some veteran hiking enthusiasts do feel confident hitting the trails alone, but if you’re new to the hobby then it’s always best to go with a guide or a friend who can keep you company along the way. It’s great if you can find someone to train alongside you and keep you accountable if you’re hoping to build your fitness during the adventure .