Joining a Bike Trip? Use this Handy Guide

These days, a lot of people are looking to enjoy a spot of cycling as they travel. In fact, they even plan a trip around it. It is actually reasonable as cycling is fun, easy, cheap and eco-friendly. However, deciding to make an occasional ride to a week touring by bike can be a huge step. Do you think you can manage the entire trip?Which bike will you use? These are some questions you should be asking yourself before deciding to take bike touring seriously.

Why should you Join the Trip?

Riding a bike and touring roads can provide the opportunity to see places and have different experiences. Bikers tend to get the attention of many locals, especially in places where biking is not common. Also, biking allows you to see more of the real place. If you travel by bus, locals will approach you to try to sell their merchandise to you. A bike tour lets you stop at smaller villages and have a more accurate sense of the people and the place. It’s like making the things you read from cycling news a reality.

How to Know if you are Fit Enough

Tour operators that provide guided trips use a grading system that can help in determining the level fitness you need to maximize your bike tour experience. Ensure you understand the requirements so you will only register for a trip that you can handle. Once you are in and the cycling starts, other cyclists expect you are not a problem for them.

But, when cycling with a group, there may be a support vehicle which can attend to you if you cannot manage the trip. While you don’t want to think of yourself spending time in a van, it provides you peace of mind knowing support is available. You can have more of this at

Which Bike should you Use?

Experienced cyclists who want to go on a more difficult trip over technical terrain will want to ride a familiar bike. You can transport your bike on an airplane and pay the cost. Just make sure you book the service in advance. Before travelling, make sure you package your bike properly. You can choose to do it yourself or hire a company to do this for you. Ensure you bring a tool kit and repair kit including some spare tubes.

If you don’t want to take your bike with you, you can hire a bike instead. With this option, you don’t have to deal with excess baggage charges or the need to re-assemble the bike once you reach your destination. If you encounter issues with the bike, the bike rental company is there to help you.