Some Must Have Online Tools For Every Traveller

While you may have read a lot about the travel checklists, things that every traveler should carry, & so on; most fail to talk about the vast number of useful online tools that can save us time, and make our travel experience better.

In the age of the internet, there are some amazing tools that can help you save time while traveling, and are must-have for an improved travel experience.

  1. IFTTT [If This Then That] – is a tool that automatically syncs across your mailbox and calendar to keep you abreast of your travel itinerary. Want a reminder 3 hours before your flight’s departure? IFTTT will cover it for you. You can also save your important travel documents on the go by making an offline travel file on Evernote or back up your vacation photos to Dropbox – all on the go.

You can visit IFTTT’s official website and check out their travel applet. This application works as an interface between two portals – for example, Gmail and Alexa, Google Drive & Dropbox, and so on.

  1. Evernote/Google Keep: If you are looking to save some important travel notes, checklists, then Evernote is the tool for you. However, if you prefer to keep independent notes; i.e. without a structured notebook, then Google Keep is a good alternative.

Both are easily accessible from their respective websites and allows enough space for personal use. Evernote has a key limitation. Its free plan is only limited to two devices.

  1. Google Drive/Dropbox: Cloud storage utilities such as these help you access your documents on the go. Whether you want your id proof or address proof, you can retrieve it on the go using any of these tools. While Dropbox gives you a 2 GB storage for free, Google drives allow upto 15 GB of free data. Cloud storage is a great travel companion as it allows a travel to safely access all important travel-related documents.
  1. Ixibaba:  AI driven bots have got a lot of traction off lately due to their ability to interpret the sentences more effectively. Gone are days when you’d have to type multiple queries to get the answer. Current bots like Ixibaba manages to answer the queries right in the very first sentences. So be it comparing the fare prices, or normal travel related information; Ixibaba has you covered. Moreover, as with any chat bot, it constantly learns and gets better with more user input. The only downside of this bot is: it doesn’t have a skypebot/app version. Therefore, a user must visit the chatbot’s official website for any travel enquiries.
  1. Trello: Based on the popular Kanban style, this would make it easy for you to list out and complete tasks that require collaboration. This is best suited in cases where you are heading out in a group trip with your friends or coworker, and the tasklist is spread to various folks in the group. Trello, which until now was very popular amongst engineers, is now getting popular amongst travelers. It’s a great way to keep everyone abreast of the group’s task list.

While this is not an exhaustive list, it covers the most important tools that can handle most of the things in your travel tasklist. While we have outlined just basic use cases, you can probably handle many more travel related tasks using these tools. Whether you are traveling within India, let’s say from Mumbai to Delhi flights, or hoping to a foreign destination, you’d find these tools very useful.