Things to Do in Dubai Airport and Why You Want to Get Stuck There Forever

Dubai is a cultural hub renowned across the world and is also a reputed business hub. As such, the Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport in the world. Some of the major airlines that connect Delhi to Dubai by airincludeFly Dubai,Etihad,IndiGo, Emirates,Jet Airways, Spice Jet, andHahn Air. Business aside, Dubai is also known for being a world-class shopping destination with a Shopping Festival in January.So, Dubai International Airport information is important to a lot of people – shoppers, travelers, and businessmen alike.

For the average traveler, there is nothing more annoying than having to sit and wait for hours on end at the airport terminal. There is something universally irksome about having to wait for a flight especially if the travel does not have a business class or first-class ticket. But there are some cool features about Dubai Airport that can make waiting for a flight more than just doable for the most impatient of travelers.

Here are the top ten coolest things about the Dubai International Airport:

  • Marhaba Services:Marhaba Services at the Dubai International Airport extends a classy and comfortable lounge service complete with Wi-Fi and a buffet meal for all travelers at a small cost. No need to have a business class or first-class ticket to travel in comfort. Afford the best hospitality services in Dubai from the airport terminal itself.
  • Five Star Hotel:Have various needs while waiting for the connecting flight? No issues, Dubai International Airport hosts the Dubai International Hotel which is inside the airport itself. The Dubai International Hotel offers five-star cuisine, complete hotel rooms, a swimming pool, conference rooms, a fully equipped gym, and a sauna.
  • Snoozecube:Just need to snooze without having to spend a fortune? Use a Snoozecube to take a quick nap in the airport terminal. A Snoozecube is a small room for rent to take a nap in. It is nowhere as expensive as a five-star hotel, but is also minimalistic.
  • Swimming Pool:Pool, jacuzzi, sauna, shower, gym, steam bath – you name it, the Dubai International Airport has got it. Relax in a pool while sipping cold drinks and let all the tension melt right out of your body. No more dull waiting for a flight – have fun!
  • Zen Gardens:The Zen Gardens of Dubai International Airport really take things to the next level. It even has a place to drop kids off where they can play and have fun so that the adults can sit and relax, get attuned with Nature while reading a book or something.
  • Duty Free Shopping:Enjoy the ultimate shopping experience from within the airport. Try the Duty Free Shopping Mall for very competitive rates on all products from tinned food to safety pins. The best thing is that it is completely tax-free and pocket-friendly.
  • Food and Drinks:KFC, Mc. Donald’s, and Starbucks are just a few of the big names that the Dubai International Airport hosts. No shady airport food even for snacks. Looking for some fine dining? The restaurants at the airport serve Indian, Chinese, Mongolian, French, and Lebanese cuisines. There is even a pub to have a few drinks.
  • Get a Smoke:Smoking a cigarette is a big no-no for all major airports around the world. The Dubai Airport, however, has been built so that even the most ardent smokers can grab a quick smoke break at their special smoking lounges anytime they want to.

Dubai International Airport: Why Getting Stuck There Is Not So Bad

The world’s busiest airport truly has some interesting aspects. These cool features about Dubai Airport are really worth knowing for anyone traveling in or out of Dubai. There is no need to spend time waiting for a flight in frustration and misery. Instead, there are hundreds of options to explore inside the airport itself. Just in case this wonderful Dubai International Airport information is not enough to keep you entertained, there are loads of attractions near the airport itself just to pass the time. This includes a Dolphinarium, a Golfing and Yachting Club, the Burj Khalifa, and hundreds of other wonderful places to stop by and have the experience of a lifetime. Most of these superb attractions are within a five-kilometer radius of the airport itself. So, maybe getting stuck at the airport is not such a bad thing after all – at least in Dubai!