Traveling to Chisinau? How to find the best hotel (useful tips)

Finding a room that will fit your needs in a foreign country can be way too tricky, especially when you know nothing about that country. If you plan on visiting Moldova, most likely you will pass through its capital (even if your final destination is different), seeing as the Chisinau International Airport holds most of the international courses, possible to and from this country. So, finding a hotel in Chisinau is something you should know how to manage beforehand.

Of course, there are different types of accommodation in Chisinau, but you could find it overwhelming to find a fitting apartment or a house so that a good hotel is still the best option for this country. The range of the services and the conditions may vary widely from case to case, and without some good recommendations finding the perfect place to stay can be a pain. If you are looking for the both: high-quality services and great atmosphere – you should go for5-star hotels in Chisinau. You’ll be surprised to find it both affordable and extremely cozy at the same time. We offered bellow you some tips on how to find the best hotel to suit your needs in the capital of Moldova.

Check out the best location of the hotel, according to your plans

There are enoughmedium-level hotels in Chisinau, so you could think that it is pretty easy to find something near the location you need (if you have a certain goal for your visit). However, if you only take into consideration high-quality services and great accommodation, you’d have to opt for the center of the city. Even if you simply came to admire the capital, it will be the best choice, as you’ll have means to get anywhere from there.

  • Find information about the hotel’s services

You might need only a room to sleep in, or you could want a full service with a nice meal, a good bath or even some spa procedures. Business visits might also require a space that could be used for conferences or business meetings. This means you will have to check out the hotels in Moldova that have everything you might need during your trip.

  • Plan your budget and decide on the quality of the services you need

You have to be realistic, while planning your budget, but still consider the fact that most of the 5 stars’ hotels in Moldova are quite affordable, comparing with some great cities, like Dubai, Paris or Rome. If the quality is in balance with the price, then you have a good deal. There are a few luxury hotels in Chisinau that could suit absolutely any taste. One of them is the only design hotel in Moldova, BERD’S Hotel. You will certainly find all you could need for both pleasure visits or business goals.

  • Check out the visual materials and the menus of the hotels you regard as options

It’s always better to know for sure what conditions and services you will get. Don’t believe in words only, check out visual materials, such as photos or videos – every good hotel should have a complete portfolio for potential visitors. Also, don’t forget the menus of the services, you might even find about opportunities you simply didn’t consider before.

  • Don’t forget to contact the hotel and book beforehand

You should know that good hotels in Chisinau are always full. So, make sure to book beforehand, just to make sure you will rest with no problems, once arrived at the destination.